Rev. Paul Harrington

 Pastor-Teacher / Chairman of Elder Board


Pastor Paul Harrington received Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior in November 1985. He is a graduate of Liberty University, Lynchburg VA where he earned a degree in Pastoral Ministries. Paul was ordained by the Central Pennsylvania Baptist Association in 1991 and entered the full time ministry in 1992. He, his wife Sherri and family have lived in Washington since 1996.

Pastor Paul enjoys reading- mainly Bible based books or history. He enjoys watching sports, especially the NFL (he and his family are Steeler Fans) and College Basketball. He even has a Fantasy Football team! Pastor plays the guitar, is a trumpet player and sings. He and his wife Sherri can frequently be found enjoying a good cup of coffee! Paul is currently pursuing his Masters Degree in Theological Studies through Liberty University Online.

Authors and books that have greatly impacted his life and ministry are:

     The Book of Books, the Bible . . . of course!

Barhouse, Donald
     Commentary on Genesis and Romans
     Invisible War

Cloud, Henry
     Necessary Endings

Edman, Raymond
     They Found the Secret

Foster, Richard
     Celebration of Discipline

Hansel, Timothy
     When I Relax I Feel Guilty

Johnson, Spencer
     Who Moved My Cheese?

Ketcham, Robert T.
     Old Testament Pictures of New Testament Truth

Lehman, Kevin and Pentak, William
     The Way of the Shepherd

Lewis, C. S.
     Mere Christianity
     The Problem of Pain
     A Grief Observed 

MacArthur, John
     Ashamed of the Gospel
     Strange Fire
     Twelve Ordinary Men

Pink, A. W.
     Law and Grace

Sproul, R. C.
     Chosen By God

Stanley, Charles
     The Blessing of Brokeness
     The Wonderful Spirit Filled Life

Swindoll, Charles
     Grace Awakening
     Improving Your Serve
     Living Above the Level of Mediocrity
     Simple Faith

Tozer, A. W. 
     The Knowledge of the Holy
     The Pursuit of God
     The Radical Cross
Townsend, John and Cloud, Henry